About the Author


Ok, you have found the vanity page. Every web site run by a single individual has one. This is mine.

I have been a statistical consultant and research methodologist for more than 25 years. My Ph.D. was originally in psychology and I am still licensed in that field. For the past 10 years I have been head of research for a global HR development firm in Portland, Maine and Dublin, Ireland. I primarily study cross-cultural leadership and issues of workplace diversity. Before that, I was a graduate school professor in Southern Florida for 10 years teaching multivariate statistics and statistical programming (and surprising, family therapy and adult psychopathology).

I am happily married to a beautiful woman who also happens to be a forensic psychologist. Clearly her dinner conversation is more interesting than mine. We have a wonderful golden retriever named Ella. Come to think of it, her dinner conversation may also be more interesting.

I created Quick-R for one simple reason. I wanted to learn R and I am a teacher at heart. The easiest way for me to learn something is to teach it.

I hope you find this web site helpful. If you do, let me know.