Advanced Graphs

scatterplot matrix

This section describes how to customize your graphs. It also covers more statistically sophisticated graphs. This is one of the many places that R really shines.


Graphical parameters describes how to change a graph's symbols, fonts, colors, and lines. Axes and textdescribe how to customize a graph's axes, add reference lines, text annotations and a legend. Combining plots describes how to organize multiple plots into a single graph.

Advanced Graph Types

The lattice package provides a comprehensive system for visualizing multivariate data, including the ability to create plots conditioned on one or more variables. The ggplot2 package offers a elegant systems for generating univariate and multivariate graphs based on a grammar of graphics. Other graph types include probability plots, mosaic plots, and correlograms. Finally methods of interacting with graphs (e.g. linking multiple graphs with color brushing, or interactive rotation in real-time) are provided.

For simpler, more fundamental graphs, see the Basic Graphs section.

Going Further

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