Quick-R Sitemap

   The R Learning Curve
   Books and Tutorials

The R Interface
  Getting Help
  The Workspace
   Graphic User Interfaces
   Customizing Startup
   Publication Quality Output
   Batch Processing
   Reusing Results

Data Input
   Data Types
   Importing Data
   Keyboard Input
   Database Input
   Exporting Data
   Viewing Data
   Variable Labels
   Value Labels
   Missing Data
   Date Values

Data Management
   Creating New Variables
   Built-in Functions
   Control Structures
   User-Defined Functions
   Sorting Data
   Merging Data
   Aggregating Data
   Reshaping Data
   Subsetting Data
   Data Type Conversions

Basic Statistics
   Descriptive Statistics
   Frequency Tables
   Nonparametric Statistics
   Multiple Regression
   Regression Diagnostics
   Analysis of Variance
   ANOVA Assumptions
   Resampling Stats
   Power Analysis
   Using By and With

Advanced Statistics
   Generalized Linear Models
   Discriminant Function
   Time Series
   Factor Analysis
   Correspondence Analysis
   Multidimensional Scaling
   Cluster Analysis
   Tree-Based Models
   Boot Strapping
   Matrix Algebra

Basic Graphs
   Creating Graphs
   Histograms & Density Plots
   Dot Plots
   Bar Plots
   Line Charts
   Pie Charts

Advanced Graphs
   Graphical Parameters
   Axes and Text
   Combining Graphs
   Lattice Graphs
   ggplot2 Graphs
   Probability Plots
   Mosaic Plots
   Interactive Graphs